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Why become a volunteer you might ask? Volunteering your time helps our community get the help they need when they need it! Imagine the feeling you get when you come to the rescue of someone in need of medical services, by saving their life! That's what our organization is all about! Helping those in need! When they have a medical crisis, we want to be there for them to help them! But we can't do it without the help of volunteers like you! We are small town and all of us rely on each other when there is a need! 

By volunteer with us, you may be thinking, how am I going to volunteer my time when I don't have time? Volunteering just a few hours a month will go along way in helping us fill the gaps! Life these days are busy! We don't have as much time as we would like to volunteer! By you volunteering just a few hours a month, you would be helping us provide coverage when others can't because of our busy lives! 

I don't have the training or skills. That's fine! We'll train you! Our local community college offers EMS courses from time to time, that are free to you as long as you are an active member of our department! You may have to cover the cost of the book, but the class is free!  Once you take your class, you can take your state exam to become certified as an emergency medical technician. Training doesn't stop there! You will continue to get training once a month to keep your skills fresh and learn new techniques to help you when responding to EMS calls! 

How do I know we have a call? That's a great question! Once you are certified, we provide you with a department issued radio and pager to respond to calls on! We also provide you with the  Active911 app on your phone! This is another way to receive calls for EMS! 

Is there a lot of paperwork? The paperwork varies from call to call! Some calls require more paperwork than others, but we use an Ipad to enter call reports to document what we did on calls! Most of the time, the report can be done before you even get back to the station from the call.

Still have questions? You can contact us by using our contact form and we will reach out to you to answer any questions you may have!